Hope for a future

Six months ago, following hospitalisation, I was burgled and the subject of an attack of arson.

When a second burglary occurred I fled the city, as I was very frightened and distressed.

I went into Bed & Breakfast accommodation, eventually being forced to sleep in my car due to lack of funds. I was then rescued by Missing Link, and was fortunate enough to be offered emergency housing.

Over the months I learned to share my home with two other people who had suffered similar problems. We have regular support and a support plan that I helped draw up. Gradually I’m learning to trust again. Finally, I was successfully rehoused and have retained the help of a Resettlement Worker through Floating Support.

It’s so wonderful to feel the continuing support of Missing Link in many forms. I have started counselling to help me over some emotionally unresolved issues. The Drop In sessions are great – it’s good to touch base and meet up with staff and other residents. The workers have responded with practical help and emotional support, and have helped me find regular voluntary work. I feel that I am now starting to move on and will soon feel reintegrated into society.

I will always be extremely grateful to Missing Link who took me and my problems at face value. This almost certainly saved my life and gave me hope for a future, by restoring my faith in humanity.